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Education 2.0: Social Networking and Education (Infographic)

In today’s education, Social Networks and media is a big plus.  Those schools and universities which are using it have impacted the costs and also made the curriculum delivery very effective.

Increasing number of educators are defying conservative and traditional wisdom to integrate the existing social media into the schooling experience.

The principal of New Milford (N.J.) High School has nearly 12,300 Twitter followers (his handle: @NMHS_Principal). He and his teachers use Facebook to communicate with students and parents, and students use it to plan events. In class, teachers routinely ask kids to power up their cellphones to respond to classroom polls and quizzes. Rather than ban cellphones, Sheninger calls them “mobile learning devices.”

He replaced the school’s “static, boring” website with what has become a heavily used Facebook page, and his teachers encourage students to research, write, edit, perform and publish their work online.

Here is an interesting infographic to show the impact of Social Networking and Media.


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