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Facebook Deactivation Agreement: Dad to pay his Daughter $200 to keep off Facebook for 5 months!

A man in Massachusetts, US, is paying his teenaged daughter $200 to keep her off social networking website Facebook. Paul Baier, who is the vice president of an energy firm in Boston, posted on his blog the picture of a Facebook Deactivation Agreement his daughter Rachel signed to stay off the site in exchange for $200.

What’s surprising is that this idea of staying away from the popular social networking website was Rachel’s. The father told The Daily Dot that she did this to “earn money and also finds Facebook a distraction and a waste of time sometimes.”

As part of the deal, she will not log on to the website for a period of four months and 22 days and will be paid in instalments. She will receive $50 in April and the remaining $150 in June. Rachel’s father will have full access to her Facebook account and has the right to reset the password as well as deactivate the profile, the agreement says.

Wondering what she will do with her ‘hard-earned’ money? The agreement Rachel has signed states, “I plan to use the money for the following purposes: Stuff.”

But it’s not goodbye forever to Facebook. Paul Baier said that Rachel plans to get back to Facebook once the agreement expires.




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