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There are times when some words just find resonance with your soul. These words are such.

Karpoor Gauram by Desh

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There are times when some words just find resonance with your soul. These words are such. Ever since I have heard them in the voice of my Guru, Sadhguru Jaggi, I just could not get them out of my mind. So, I have tried to recite it. I am obviously not a singer, which seems pretty clear but I have tried out of my love.

कर्पूर -गौरम करुना -अवतारं
संसार -सारम् भुजगेन्द्र -हारम
सदा -वसंतम हृदय -अरविंदे
भवं भवानी -सहितम् नमामि

Who is as white as Karpur(camphor), an incarnation of compassion, the essence of this world, who wears a bhujagendra(snake or serpent) around his neck and is ever present in the lotus abode of our hearts.

I salute to that Ishwara (God) along with Bhavani (Shiva and parvati),


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