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Lessons from Expose on Kargil by Gen. Shahid Aziz: How Pakistan evaluates Indians

This video has the discussion with a lot of people, including Gen Shahid Aziz, who has written a book on Kargil.  The discussion here brings out two interesting things:

1. Pakistani Army thinks Indians – Defense and Politicians – are a bunch of nincompoops and can be taken for a ride. The lady actually narrates the logic of the General whose brainchild Kargil was.  “Yeh baniye hain, inse ladai nahin hoti”.  And, this was the exact mindset that the Generals had during the 1965 and 1971 wars.  And Pakistan lost both.  YET, this kind of nonsense prevails even today.  That is why Four Top Most Generals went ahead with the plan!

2. The panelists are emphasizing that such blundering mindset is not that of the whole Pakistan establishment or of even the Army.  Well that is stupid, because Kargil happened not just because of the 4 people, but also because the rest of the jawans fought in that war.  And, if people like Gen Aziz had not written anything on this or the truth otherwise – FROM the Pakistan side – had not come out, there were enough anchors and Pakistanis (majority, in fact.. almost all barring a handful) who used to insist that Kargil was a brilliant move from Pakistan!  So, the top core did go along with them, even if they had reservations at that time.  So, this kind of thinking in Pakistani mindset about “Indian Baniye” is only disastrous.  In fact that is PRECISELY the mindset that created the Mumbai Attacks as well.  In this case, the political will wasn’t strong enough to strike back.  It should have!

This panel again reiterated everything that India said right away during and after Kargil, which the Pakistanis kept denying tooth and nail.  The fact is that Pakistanis are in denial.  Heavy, mind-numbing denial!

That is why I say that Pakistan is on a self destruction spiral.  Because a country, in which, at the highest echelons the mindset of denial and fixed characterization of an enemy is so heavily ingrained, can never survive for very long.


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