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Over 150 Christian Houses burnt in Lahore over a blasphemy charge on Christian by his friend

The purging in Pakistan is in full swing.  After exterminating the Hindus – and forcing them to move to India – and blowing up Shias in so many bomb blasts, now the Pakistani extremists have turned their attention to the Christians.  A person from Joseph Colony in Lahore was arrested initially on the charges of Blasphemy Law.  But that wasn’t enough.  A large mob set a colony of 150 houses ablaze.  Interestingly, the administration and the people in the colony knew of the danger the next day as the entire colony had evacuated the night before the rioting started the next day.

An over 3,000-strong mob on March 9 set ablaze more than 150 houses of Christians in the Joseph Colony over alleged blasphemous remarks against Prophet Muhammad  (pbuh) by Sawan Masih, a 28-year-old Christian sanitation worker.

Sawan was arrested on March 8 when his Muslim friend, Shahid Imran, accused him [Sawan] of blasphemy, triggering an exodus of fearful Christians from the neighbourhood.

Imagine.. you talking to your friends and in between you just crack a joke that the other guy suddenly calls blasphemy against his god.. and that is it!  You are cooked!  And, in this case, not just you – but the entire colony!

Thankfully, in Pakistan, its Judiciary has taken on activism in this case on a suo moto basis.

The Supreme Court announced its interim verdict in the suo motu case against the burning down of more than 150 Christian homes in Lahore, Express News reported on Monday. The interim order stated that the police failed to protect the citizens and if their negligence is proved, action will be taken against them.

The incident would have not taken place if the police had made security arrangements, the order maintained adding that the police did not seem interested in the case. The court summoned a detailed report of the Badami Bagh incident and the Gojra riots, and adjourned the hearing till Wednesday.


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