Who is the REAL Yogi Adityanath Beyond the Prejudiced Media Narrative?
For last 35 years, Yasin Ansari has been working hard on construction inside the Gorakhnath Temple.  He has not just been supervising each aspect of the construction work inside the temple but also keeping accounts of the expenses. Known as “Chhote Maharaj”, Yogi Adityanath – the new UP Chief... Read more
Two interesting pieces of information on the Boston Bombers have emerged. First is that none of the Bombers (younger was less than 21 years old anyway) had licenses to buy firearms.  Yet they had a large cache of arms to carry out many attacks!  And this comes right after... Read more
Using the footage from Lords & Taylors’ surveillance camera, FBI has arrested a “brown-skinned” man for the Boston Bombings.  The evidence that was available from the scene is very intriguing.  Here are some pictures from the crime scene which tell a story of their own.        ... Read more
Richard Branson blogs about a story of Generosity that brought a couple together
Richard Branson shared an interesting story on his blog, about the generosity of his friend, Pankaj Shah.  Pankaj is a businessman who has an intriguing, but generous habit – “Whenever he is out to dinner, he asks the staff to find the couple who look most in love, and... Read more
A man in Massachusetts, US, is paying his teenaged daughter $200 to keep her off social networking website Facebook. Paul Baier, who is the vice president of an energy firm in Boston, posted on his blog the picture of a Facebook Deactivation Agreement his daughter Rachel signed to stay... Read more

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