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When is Supremacism Acceptable?

Idea of Supremacy did not take birth with KKK or Hitler.  Nor was it reborn in Charlottesville.  It has been as old as the Old Testament.  It is ingrained in Quran and the larger Christian scriptures.  It wasn’t the “love of God” that took…

The Trump Global Nightmare

When I looked at what Arvind Kejriwal had to offer to Delhi with his so-called "revolutionary" ideas, I knew they didn't make any sense. If he tried to implement even one of them, it would bankrupt Delhi completely. His perfidious ways were…

The Fall of American Democracy

In the recent US Presidential town-hall debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the former very clearly and openly threatened his opponent with a special inquiry and prosecution to jail her.  If some non-American would have gotten…

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