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What is wrong with the Indian Education system?

India's education system - the structure and the attitudes - is a legacy of the Colonial past.  We have neither changed it nor replaced it.  We want to move to the new world, but with old hangovers.  The interesting question is what is…

Hi Tech Cheating in Exam by the MBBS students

When passing an exam becomes the main entry point to the world of money and riches and that certification can be had by cheating, then people go all out to get by any means possible.  This story of HI-Tech cheating methods being used in a…

How are Indians Spending their Incomes?

In a survey by Economic Times, it was learnt that the families with Household Incomes of over Rs 12.5 lakhs have increased from 20% in 1993-94 to 53% in 2009-10 and recently to 59%. The families holding their position in the top…

Life is never a "JINGA LALA"

I am not launching a long diatribe against “Indian education system “but my concern is towards many young toddlers who are going to grapple next 22 years of their life under the Diktat of their parent

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