Companies are now buying insurance against harassment charges #MeToo
For India Inc, the recent spate of allegations under the ‘Me Too’ movement has led to a realisation that it is not just large companies or those with global operations that need an Employment Practices Liability cover but also smaller domestic firms. The Employment Practices Liability cover provides protection... Read more
If You Are Healthy, Do You Really Need Health Insurance?
A lot of individuals who are healthy or mostly healthy young adults in their twenties are easily tempted to skip getting health insurance. It is quite common to hear them say “I hardly ever visit a doctor; and it is too expensive to buy insurance just now; so I’ll... Read more
Here are some excellent “Life hacks” for India from Reddit. #1 (Link) Pretend to talk on your phone when taking an auto/cab late night and casually mention that you are travelling in a cab and going by so-and-so route. This could save your life. Pretend to talk loudly on... Read more

Now there is a new kind of insurance in India. Its called “Ransom Insurance”. Apparently, there are way too many kidnappings occuring these days specially amongst the high and mighty.

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