What is Truth and Why it is Not a Belief?
Sometime back I was talking to a friend, who is a Yoga teacher.  He has grown up in a mid-west state of US and is a very curious person who has undertaken work that is aligned with his concern for the environment.  He is surely one of the more... Read more
Krishna, the Fragrance of Intimate Yet Impersonal Love
Just as the sublime and amazing perfume of a fragrant rose enters your being and you cannot help but fall in love with it intimately, Krishna’s presence was probably like that.  In all my understanding of this amazing being, I have always struggled with articulating Krishna’s way of being... Read more
Radha-Krishna: How Ignorance and Passion have Led to Abusive License On This Relationship!
Nothing in spiritual and religious history has been so distorted and abused as the life of Sri Krishna – who has been known as the complete human being within the Dharmic history.  Unfortunately, the problem for most Hindus is that they themselves understand their own spiritual history from the... Read more
Breaking Dharma: Vilification of Bhakt, Bhakti and Guru
Over the last few years, the left (and the their ideological allies, the Congress and its bedfellows the regional so-called secular parties) – in order to spite their political rivals, the BJP – have used a word pejoratively – “Bhakt”.  Which means devotee.  Clever ploy to use Dharmic terms in a... Read more
Yoga, Sadhguru and Hindu Activism in Rajiv Malhotras Narrative
On International Yoga Day, in celebrations at the UN, Sadhguru led the celebrations and answered a lot of questions of the dignitaries there.  Amongst the things he said some were: Yoga is technology.  Just as gravity is not Christian, Yoga is not Hindu. Yoga is India’s gift to the... Read more
Why do Hindus Have So Many Gods?
Moksha or Liberation from the limitations of human existence – basically the Karmic Cycle in existential terms – has been the main goal of all Spiritual pursuits, specifically in India.  Towards that end, Yoga was the means.  If Moksha was the goal, Yoga was the vehicle.  And here, Yoga... Read more
This Diwali Light a Lamp for Humanity’s Future
  Diwali celebrations in India start with Dhanteras, followed by Naraka Chaturdasi and then Deepavali on the third day. Diwali is followed by Diwali Padva and then Bhai dooj which celebrates the love between sister and brother. Diwali is celebrated for two main events.  Narakasura was killed by Krishna and... Read more
Diwali is not a mere “Festival”, it is a Spiritual Possibility… a Shift!
Existence lies both, in the Gross and the Subtly profound.  In Matter and the Quantum. When Vibration happens in the subtle, matter and life as we know it happens.  Science points to both the realms.  Most of us cannot experience it as a human experience.  Because… and just because... Read more
Krishna’s game of Chess and Lesson of Charity to the King
Ambalapuzha Shree Krishna Temple – a simple temple structure dates back to the 15th century barely 10 km from Alleppey Legend has it that there was a king who loved the game of chess. One day, a sage challenged him to a game on the condition that if the... Read more
Questioner : You say that persons like krishna don’t make friends nor do they make foes. Then how is it that he as a king comes running down to the gate of his palace to receive sudama, his poor old friend of childhood days and gives him all the... Read more
The Greatest warrior in Mahabharat War that is not remembered.  At least I hadn’t heard of him.  But the story is absolutely fascinating! Barbarik is the grandson of Bheema, and son of Ghatotkacha. He is worshipped as Khatushyamji in Rajasthan. Read Quote of Vikram Bhat’s answer to Hinduism: What... Read more
Sometimes, for those who have a dream and the dreams include a hero – a living hero sometimes – such dreams come true.  Krishna Shenoi is “a nineteen year old Indian kid who enjoys making movies, books, art and other stuff like that..”.  He made one small film on Steven... Read more
Bhagwad Gita is not a Message.  Not a book.  It is a Process.
Unlike popular belief and suggestions by the great “thinkers” and intellectuals, Bhagwad Gita is not a message.  It is certainly not a book.  It is a process.  A process of raising consciousness. If it was a book, it would have been very easy.  Krishna would have thrust the book... Read more
Meera and Krishna: All are women except He.
There is a beautiful story about a great woman mystic of India, Meera. She was really a mad devotee, a mad BHAKTA, in tremendous love and ecstasy with God. She was a queen, but she started dancing on the streets. The family disowned her. The family tried to poison... Read more
My Mother is “no more”
Death is a strange phenomenon.  Specifically for a Spiritual seeker.  During the Mahabharat War, Bhishma had been put on a bed of arrows by Arjun – having shot him many times.  But Bhishma didn’t leave his body.  He hung around alive till after the war was over and willingly... Read more

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