The Most Transformational Moment: When an abused lady Prostitute walked out on the Promise of Love
You sometimes come across a personal account that is painful, poignant, humane, as well as full of power.  This answer from Quora on the question “What was the most transformational moment of your life?” by a lady who lives in UK named Sarah Ouellette.  ==========  =========  ========== When I... Read more
This question and many other very interesting insights are brought out by this smart guy from Deutsche Bank, Sanjeev Sanyal.  He traces Indian history back to the Ancient times and then looks at the current times and tries to connect dots.  He makes the story of Indian history very... Read more
Berndnaut Smilde is a Dutch artist, who is literally generating a storm of attention with his art.  Well, he creates clouds indoors.  He creates Nimbus clouds, which exist for a few seconds before dissipating. He uses a smoke machine, combined with moisture and dramatic lighting to create an indoor cloud... Read more
JO Wood is an English model, television personality, entrepreneur and ex-wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. She is settled in London. She went to Kailash and Mansarovar with Sadhguru Jaggi. In this video she shows her journey as well as her interest in Project Greenhands. To know more... Read more
Yahoo India’s Person of the Year 2012 is the Indian boxer – Mary Kom!  In a year which ends with Gangrape of a girl making headlines, Mary Kom, set the direction for women in India by winning Olympic glory.  This is what Yahoo says about this 5 time World... Read more
Gravity Light: A generator powered by weight of gravity, which has been built for the developing and poor countries.  It does not use any battery nor any expensive stuff.  It would cost the people $5 to buy and there is no running cost.  It comes with a durable bag,... Read more
Here is a very interesting piece of postal history: A piece of registered mail postmarked Bombay, November 23, 1866. The postage of 10 1/2 annas includes 4 annas for registration. The 6 annas stamp of 1866, SG68, was a provisional made by overprinting ‘POSTAGE’ on a part of a... Read more

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