How Narendra Modi goes about meeting Himself!
How a person is with him or herself is the biggest indicator of how he or she is.  Everyone tries to deal with people around him in different ways.  Mostly with respect to the circumstances or one’s own conscience.  But there is one person with whom you cannot play... Read more
No Need to Talk to Pakistan – warns American Expert on Pakistani Terrorism
Imran Khan, his government, the Pakistan Army and their paid slaves in the Indian media have been pushing for “Pakistan – India dialog”.  Why is Pakistani Army and its side-kicks suddenly so interested in a dialog with India? Because, Pakistan is on the brink of economic disaster. We had... Read more
Drishtikone’s Annual Predictions for 2019
Every year, we make predictions for the next year on Drishtikone.  These predictions relate to world at large but specifically to three countries – India, US and Pakistan.  The idea is to look at the socio-economic and political trajectory of these societies and see where it will lead them... Read more
3 Critical Steps Needed by Modi Team for 2019 and Analysis of the 2018 Elections – Part 3
In the first part of our analysis, we discussed the power of narrative over reality.  Creatively structured and forcefully delivered narrative without shame or remorse can trounce reality in most cases. In the second part of the analysis, we looked at the different extremes that those who are for... Read more
Analysis of the 2018 Elections – Part 1
Shankaran Pillai once fell in the septic tank on the side of a building with no one looking.  He started shouting – “Fire Fire”.  Soon a passerby called the fire-brigade who came looking that side and seeing this poor man in that filthy tank pulled him out and asked... Read more
How Demonetization keeps paying the Indian taxpayer
Rs 37,500 crores that is $5.3 billion is lying in the Indian banks unclaimed.  No one wants it.  The owners don’t even want anyone to know that it was theirs.  As far as the Indian tax payer is concerned, it is theirs – collectively.  When Modi had said that... Read more
Household access to clean cooking fuel increased by 32% under Modi Government
Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan on Monday asserted that households having access to clean cooking fuel has increased from 55 per cent four years ago to 87 per cent now due to central government’s determined efforts to provide universal access to clean cooking fuel to the poorest of the... Read more
Prime Minister’s panel lobbies mandatory R&D funding by Indian corporates
The Prime Minister’s Science Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) wants to make it mandatory for medium and large enterprises in key sectors to set aside funds for research and development after the Economic Survey pointed out the abysmal levels of investment in this area. It had said that R&D... Read more
Real Story of India’s Economy During Congress vs BJP rules
Let us take a stroll down the economic lane in India.  It was November 2013 and Lakshwadeep was the only place in the country without inflation. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) that measures Inflation, stood at 10.17%!  The food inflation was a whopping 14.72%!  While the inflation was galloping,... Read more
Modi Govt Accomplishments: Eliminating Unmanned Crossings to Make Railways Safe
118 people had died in 2013-14 due to railway crossings being unmanned in India.  Due to the work by the railway ministry in the Modi Government, the deaths due to Unmanned Level Crossing (UMLCs) in 6 months ending September 2018, had come down to just THREE. The Railway Minister,... Read more
Real Story behind Why Congress is After the Electoral Rolls from the Election Commission
Congress is playing its games in the coming elections in Madhya Pradesh.  It is accusing Election Commission of having errors in the electoral rolls.  The Election Commission did not take it lying down and has told the Supreme Court that Congress is providing it fake documents. Now, when the... Read more
How Swachh Bharat Campaign Saved lives of 200,000 kids in just 2 years!
From close to a million deaths in 2015 amongst children in India, the fatalities have come down to 802,000 in 2017.  Factors that have lowered the diarrhoeal deaths are Safe drinking water, an insistence on hand-washing, food safety, and the use of toilets to stop open defecation.  And these... Read more
Disgraced and Modi-hating Cop Sanjiv Bhatt Arrested in Drug Planting Case
Sanjiv Bhatt, the disgraced ex-cop from Gujarat has been arrested.  The story of his deeds goes back 22 years back. In 1996, Sumer Singh Rajpurohit, a lawyer was arrested after 1.5 kg of narcotics were allegedly found from Lajwanti City Hotel in Palanpur.  Upon further investigations, it was found... Read more
The Fight beyond Abuse, Mockery and Assault on Democracy
The whole performance of Rahul Gandhi after a disastrous call for the No-Confidence motion – ostensibly done to embarrass the Modi Government – and his lies will go down in the history of Indian governance as legendary.  Here is a party which was the only real national party for... Read more
How Secularist Lobby is Backing Cheat, Rapist and Criminal Kafeel Khan After his Bail

In the end, it is all about religious fanaticism and Modi-hatred when it comes to Secularism in India. It is ok to back a cheat, rapist, and a murderer who obsesses about women’s lingerie and ways to molest them, as long as the target is Modi.

Read more
Gujarat Elections 2017: Why BJP Really Lost and 6 Critical Lessons for Modi

It was a fight of perceptions created with lies and falsehoods. And that resulted in a much lower tally of seats for BJP than had been anticipated. It is time to fight back. And ruthlessly!

Read more

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