Radha-Krishna: How Ignorance and Passion have Led to Abusive License On This Relationship!
Nothing in spiritual and religious history has been so distorted and abused as the life of Sri Krishna – who has been known as the complete human being within the Dharmic history.  Unfortunately, the problem for most Hindus is that they themselves understand their own spiritual history from the... Read more
Krishna is said to have played Raas and danced with the Gopis – or cow-herd girls – in Vrindavan.  Radha was also amongst them.  His magic is said to have been such that even older women couldn’t resist his attraction.  This story and ethos has proliferated a lot of... Read more
In the movie “Student of the Year” Radha – of Radha-Krishna context – is called “Sexy”.  Some Hindu organizations are up in arms about it.  They want the movie to be banned etc. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) while protesting Sunday demanded that the Censor Board should ban the movie... Read more

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