Islamic Scholar Imam Tawhidi says that Islam is a Religion for Men
Islam is a “Religion for Men”.  Imam Tawhidi, an Islamic Scholar from the Shia side.  An Iran-born now living in Australia.  He discusses Islam in its clarity many times.  And, that is why he is hated so much by the Muslims and Islamists-backing Liberals so much. He is the president... Read more
Kanhaiya Kumar’s Azaadi and Leftist Freedom Vs History of Leftist Repression and Genocides
When Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU Students Union President came out of jail on a bail, he made a speech which he started with “Lal Salaam” and the call for freedom.  Many are taken in by such romantic high-sounding sloganeering.  It would behove every educated and intelligent Indian to take... Read more
In this discussion, which started from the article of Tarek Fatah on why flying the Pakistani flag in Canada (on a Govt building during a function) was illegal to the history and reasoning of why and how Pakistan was formed.  How the “Anglo-American Enterprise”, as Tarek calls it, was... Read more
Here is the tweet from Tarek Fatah, the Pakistani analyst who lives in Toronto, Canada and is a strong critic of Islamic terror as perpetrated by the Pakistani establishment and their Jehadis.  His suggestions seems to be right on the money, although such a direct take should have arisen... Read more
It is a very interesting interview with Tarek Fatah, an intellectual from Pakistan who now lives in Canada.  He discusses in detail why Jinnah had actually cut a deal with the British to help them craft their future strategy against the Soviets by creating Pakistan. Pakistan was an unnatural... Read more

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