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Rise of Social Media Use in India

India's internet use is undergoing a change as the Smartphone revolution takes over.  Every urban youth is using a smartphone today and with it is coming the access to the social media.  This infographic discusses the various aspects of the…

Posterous goes out; closing on April 30th

Posterous - a blogging platform - when started, was one of the most revolutionary.  It offered a lot of new features.  The best being that you could create a blog for yourself, just by sending a blog by email.  The email to blogging…

Twitter is worth $10 Bn

It is an impressive social networking site, but then $10 bn?  Wow. Last Friday, the Financial Timesreported that BlackRock (BLK) was buying around $80 million of shares at a valuation just north of $9 billion. We later added that the only…

Damn… Facebook forcibly likes a page for me!

Remember this article I had written sometime back about how even people who are dead long back were "clicking on" Like button on Facebook for some sites peddling products, that while alive they wouldn't have touched with a 100 ft long pole?…

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