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UPA’s JnNURM Fiasco: Most of Urban ministry’s Model projects are from Modi’s Gujarat!

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) is a massive city-modernisation scheme launched by the Government of India under Ministry of Urban Development.  The idea was to spend $20 billion over seven years.  Fantastic idea.  Well, not quite so as the UPA Government prepares to launch its 2014 poll campaign with the toddler-become-leader-of-juveniles Rahul Baba.


Because all the great projects under this scheme are actually from Gujarat!!

Self-financing of a road project: Known as the “Surat Model”, where the outer ring road was developed without public money.  A Rs 5,796 crore investment is going to return Rs 11,960 crore over five years.

Intelligent traffic system for safe public transport – known as the “G-Auto model” of Ahmedabad, where auto rickshaws are managed through a central control room.  This became specifically important after the Delhi Gangrape.

Even the Union Urban Ministry officials can’t stop singing paeans of Gujarat’s preeminence in Urban infrastructure and models of development.  Said one official:

“There is no doubt that Gujarat has the best performance when it comes to urban infrastructure development and this cannot be ignored by anyone. So, there is nothing wrong if the Centre has asked others to learn and set such examples,”

Yeah Right!  Go ask your Diggy master or Rahul Baba.  They won’t know what the heck to do with this piece of information going out of a ministry of their OWN Government!

For all the Modi-baiters, there comes a time in one’s life, when one has to admit that s/he has got it all upside down!  And it is never too late.

In the last 11 years since 2002, everyone has targeted Modi for everything.  But you have to give it to this guy that he has NOT done a single negative campaign against anyone.  He hasn’t gone out and targeted anyone politically or otherwise.  He has made sure that whatever he did was positive and only in the interest of his state.  Nothing else has mattered to him.

And results speak for themselves.




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