Sunday, March 24, 2019


Deepak Chopra in one his recent blogs says “Faith will no longer be seen as an irrational departure from reason and science.”

My take is that FAITH IS the biggest problem!! There is a very thin line between faith and orthodoxy! Every mind that has faith, is closed to reason, and all those minds that are closed to reason cannot be open to the Universal!

How can one “experience” the INFINITE by limiting oneself by faith and closing the mind for the “outside”!

Moreover, replacing one “Faith” with another “Faith” does not create a better scenario!! All the Prophets, Saints, Sons of Gods, or Gurus thought that THATS what they were doing – but you know what – ALL were Supreme failures in “introducing” a “better faith”, because for EACH Guru/Saint/Prophet/Son of God – we have MILLIONS of murderers who kill in their name! It is not a quirk of fate, but rather a CONSISTENT FAILURE of the “best minds” in the “Faith Business” to get to terms with a SIMPLE fact – that FAITH KILLS!!


The PROBABILITY of FAILURE those “Enlightened Souls” in professing an “Open Faith” that improves mankind has been spectacular – 100%!!

So, in my personal opinion FAITH HAS TO DIE… for SPIRITUALITY TO GROW!!

The only way to betterment is an OPEN SOURCE SPIRITUALITY – where people contribute, share, learn and move on – WITHOUT PATENTING any of the components!

Something that the Vedic Rishis did – they came and contributed in their value and moved on – without patenting any thing by giving out a “book” or preaching as something which was “their philosophy”, UNLIKE ALL the “Enlightened Souls” starting from Buddha to Christ to Mohammad to Guru Nanak to Mahavir to Radha Soamis of today!!

I often here people say that none of these Masters came to start a religion but their followers started them. I want to ask these “Masters” – when will these “Enlightened Masters” come to realize that what they are doing is NOTHING MORE than planting seeds for ANOTHER BLOODY AND VIOLENT RELIGION!!!

Quite simply, FAITH HAS TO DIE!!

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