Wednesday, March 20, 2019

BJP Muslim leaders disallowed in the mosque!


The BJP and its sister parties just seem to have lost the plot big time!! They need to take a re-look at where they are headed in life.. because this is NOT the way forwrad in any scenario! They arent coherent on any policy and go around putting their own office members to peril or plain embarrassing them!!

“The Muslim community is angered by the way some district BJP leaders used filthy language against Muslims in roadside public meetings to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti prior to April 14. They had threatened riots, re-enact of 1987 masjid attack and throwing of shoes on Pir Baba,” most of the office bearers of District BJP Minority Cell said.

They said minority cell president Md Gaffur Khan had been driven out from a meeting being held inside the masjid in reaction to party leaders’ ‘provocative’ speech against Muslim community.

“All office bearers of BJP Minority Cell have been asked not to come to masjids. Even we are threatened not to be given place in creamatory ground,” District Minority Cell vice-president Md Anwar Ali said.


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