Wednesday, March 20, 2019

After IT Professionals, it is the turn of Indian Truck Drivers to come to the US!


After Doctors, Engineers, IT professionals, Nurses and teachers.. now US will get Truck Drivers from India! The funny thing is that this company is going to – of all places – Andhra Pradesh .. to hire their drivers!! Even in India, most truck drivers come from Haryana and Punjab!! And I have seen ads of some Punjabis-led companies who have truck fleets in the US (california) and they train the folks coming over. In fact one such ad is completely in Punjabi! They don’t even bother putting it across to rest of the Indians!. All I can say is for better success, this company should have opened office in Chandigarh.. as opposed to AP! Just because the IT folks come from there.. does not mean that the entire India resides there! (Story Tip: Raj)

An American company is recruiting long-haul truck drivers from India with the goal of placing them with U.S. trucking firms.

The Teamsters Union strongly opposes the plan by Gagan Global LLC of Garnerville, N.Y.

Teamsters Union spokesman Galen Munroe told WND the plan "is yet another example of corporations exploiting a visa program to replace highly trained, hard-working Americans with cheap labor from overseas."

Gagan Global has contracted with the Indian state government of Andra Pradesh and its Overseas Manpower Consultancy to run a training school in the Asian country.

Gagan Global CEO Philip Gagan told WND a first batch of 200 Indian truck drivers has been recruited to attend the school in preparation for work in the U.S.

"We are recruiting Indian truck drivers," Gagan confirmed to WND. "We are very demanding on our requirements to get into the school. The requirements are that you have to have five years of heavy driving experience on tractor-trailer trucks, you have to be HIV-negative, have a clean police record, verifiable references that the government in India can verify."

What about the ability to speak English?

"The Indian truck drivers have to be able to read and understand English," Gagan explained. "We like them to speak English. They all speak pigeon-English, mostly what they learned in schools."

How does Gagan Global know that the Indian drivers will be able to read road signs or communicate with other drivers on the road?

"We know that if they can read English and understand what they are reading," Gagan told WND, "then we think they can learn enough English in the four-months training program to be able to be productive in the U.S."

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