Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Childhood love…

I was at a doctor’s office today. A very old couple came trudging along. The wife looked exceptionally old – and was fragile. I got my check up done and was waiting for another round when they came and sat next to me.

A lady was sitting in front of us with her mother. The couple and that lady started talking. During the converstaion, the lady abruptly asked “like how long have you been married?” with the expectation that they had been married for so many years… and were still together.

“10 years”, the old lady said.

“Oh.. ” the lady gulped.

“My husband had died after a 36 year old marriage and his wife had also died”.

“So, how long had you known each other?” asked the lady in front of us.

“We had known each other since we were 15 year olds in the school.” she said with a remarkable longing in her voice.

“I had gone to the Army,” he now said “I came back and she was married so I also married another lady.” There was no remorse or regret in his voice… just mere acceptance.

Until 10 years back… when these lovers revived and cemented their love with a marriage.

I had only heard of such stories. Today I saw an unassuming couple who had lived such love. 🙂


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