Wednesday, March 20, 2019

McCain COMPLETELY lacks judgment!


McCain and Republicans like to talk to how surge has made US successful in Iraq (which is – to put it mildly and in context of a span of time including 1 year POST elections – a BUNCH of BS – but we will see.. ).. and how Obama was wrong and so doesn’t have the judgment!

But it was McCain who talked of going to Iraq – and presented utterly confidently:

– How easy it will be to win in Iraq
– How easy it will be to find WMDs (massive ones actually!)
– and How the Iraqis will treat the Americans like liberators
– and finally how there was no background/history of Shia and Sunni violence! (now, anyone who has even an IOTA of understanding of the Islamic world knows what a great nonsense this is!!)

Here is Obama challenging McCain last night and the evidence of videos where McCain made those statements all woven in!

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