Saturday, March 23, 2019

Money is gone.


Do you know what Microsoft is upto?

It started bing – as the new search thing.. which I wonder if anyone is using? i am not. I still prefer Google. Its still simpler and much easier on the eye.

It recently dumped Encarta – probably killed by the growing Wikipedia. And now its dumping Money. MS Money, the legendary money and personal finance management software will no longer be brought out or updated. Ostensibly, Quicken and Mint (the new upstart) have killed MS Money. Mint is really simple and quite effective. I like it a lot because it is interactive and online. Quicken is both.

To help its customers, MS is offering to work with Intuit to create a file conversion process to help Money customers move on to Quicken. What a windfall for Intuit!!

Some say that this is a victory of the Web 2.0 world. I think that’s probably a correct statement. The way people use web now has changed. All those grandiose schemes that people made or talked about during the dot com days.. are now fructifying. I am sure there will be someone somewhere who will lead MS to dump MS Office as we know it. Completely not, because MS has been very smart at integrating its Office apps with the ERPs and the top notch BI systems. So, the 3rd party integration is probably a big factor for its staying power. But other than that, i would wish that someone could use OpenOffice instead to boost the open source world a bit.

Reference links:

1. Why Microsoft is dumping Money

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