Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Heart of the Condor


candor.JPGI fly on silver wings of light
through canyon mists of time
My heart
soars like an eagle
I sail in silence . . .
on silver wings of flight
My heart
bursts with love and joy
I fly….I fly
My heart
races with the mountains
in their grandeur
in their amethyst and haunting depths
Far below
the jungle drifting
verdant mystery, life-embracing
Far below
the river twisting
shimmering silver
through the land
Eternal Ways
Eternal Rhythms
Mountains twirl their winds around
To Life… To Life…. To Life

This poem flowed seamlessly, like a condor flies, the first time I heard “Flying Condor” on Cusco’s Apurimac CD. Listening to this song while reading will enrich your experience of “Heart of the Condor.”

© 1988 Carol Stall

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