Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Muslim first Communist later – senior CPM leader blasts secularity of Communists

West Bengal CPM stalwart Abdur Rezzak Mollah

The Communists in India work over time to show how they are against religion and that they won’t tolerate any religion in their cadres.

One wishes this was true in all cases.  It seems some religions within the stables of Communist cadre are not just tolerated, but those who profess it are also put at the helm!

There is a curious case of West Bengal CPM stalwart Abdur Rezzak Mollah, who is a staunch Muslim.  He was also the Land Reforms minister in the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government.

“It’s my duty to be devoted to the faith I was born into and I make it a point not to skip the Eid namaz. My faith in the almighty was always hundred per cent. That’s the way it shall be. I got married the traditional way. It was a nikah.”

How does the party deal with it?


State secretary Biman Bose made his disapproval clear. But Mollah said he told his party boss: “If you insist, I’ll not go. But everyone knows I’m going. If I drop out, people will ask questions. I’ll tell them I abided by your instructions.” Bose understood the implications and asked Mollah to submit an application to the party secretariat, which was approved. The request letter didn’t mention the word Haj. It merely said Mollah wanted to go on a trip to Mecca.

So, he has the Party leadership in a bind.  If they refuse him now, it means that they are anti-Muslim, and if they let go, they are not anti-Religion.  So, they let him go.

I was wondering if a Hindu CPM guy wanted to do this?  What would happen.

Years ago, another party senior, Late Benoy Chowdhury, had fetched up at Tirupati with his newlywed. The couple had apparently been seen near the shrine. A furious party had sought an explanation.

He was just seen in the general area, not even professed his love and faith in Hinduism.








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