Sunday, March 24, 2019

Let everyday be the start of a New Year


Life is just a continuous flow.  Does creating artificial breaks make any difference?

Birthdays, New Years day or some regional new year.  The Galaxy doesn’t know.  The Universe doesn’t care.  Animals cant distinguish between 2012 and 2013.  Unless our very way to life is altered.  Unless our very core takes on new vitality.  Unless we can channelize ourselves in a new direction, such “time breaks” mean nothing.

We could make the change on any day.  If we have to be a better person,  we can do that the day we have the realization of the need for change?  Yet most of us wait for the year ends to unravel the “new us”.  The first few weeks have the enthusiasm of new beginnings.  And then it is all back to the same routine.

Why not live every moment as if it was the New Years day.  We may, then, try to re-energize ourselves in every breath.  If one sees, every moment is the beginning of a new year.  The dates may not cleanly line up.  But if the change is to happen within, how is that important?

Let us energize and commit ourselves to change every moment.  Let us celebrate New Years day every moment the rest of our lives!

Image Credit: Moyan_Brenn

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