Sunday, March 24, 2019

When a 19-year old Indian kid got a personally hand-written letter from The Steven Spielberg!

Sometimes, for those who have a dream and the dreams include a hero – a living hero sometimes – such dreams come true.  Krishna Shenoi is “a nineteen year old Indian kid who enjoys making movies, books, art and other stuff like that..”.  He made one small film on Steven Spielberg, which he called ” animated tribute to my hero, filmmaker Steven Spielberg”.

And then one day he got this letter, one that he would have hardly imagined would come by his way.

Dear Krishna,
Steven saw your animated tribute and letter that Roger posted in the blog for the Chicago Sun Times (—animated-tribute-2012.html). He has written you a note and I have attached it to this email. Please let us know where we can send you a hard copy and we will FEDEX that to you as well.

Best wishes,
Samantha Becker Assistant to Steven Spielberg

And with it came the letter from “the Man”!



Here is the short film.

Source: Chicago Sun Times blog

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