Friday, March 22, 2019

“Flying Pakistani flag in US and Canada should be illegal”: What is Pakistan and where is it headed?

Tarek Fatah
Tarek Fatah

In this discussion, which started from the article of Tarek Fatah on why flying the Pakistani flag in Canada (on a Govt building during a function) was illegal to the history and reasoning of why and how Pakistan was formed.  How the “Anglo-American Enterprise”, as Tarek calls it, was instrumental in the formation of Pakistan.  And it had nothing to do with Islam.

He is writing a book which will touch upon why all the terrorism emanating from Pakistan and happening in other countries can be directly traced to Jinnah’s two nation theory and the kind of actions that the Muslims took in creating Pakistan.

Whoever has read my articles on Islam and Muslims must have noticed how I repeatedly say that the war in Islam is the war between Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb (and that Aurangzeb has always won).  [See Are there Inherent Pitfalls in Soul Searching within Pakistani Society? where I am starting from where Tarek Fateh ends].   So, it was interesting that Tarek Fatah uses the same analogy and idea to discuss the future of Pakistan!







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