Tuesday, March 19, 2019

12 Amazing Accomplishments of Modi Government by 2016


Ever since the Narendra Modi government came to power, the cabal of Mainstream media and Opposition parties led by Congress backed by the Anti-Modi lobby has consistently tried to paint everything done in India black.  Every achievement has been run down.  Every initiative undertaken ridiculed.  It is time to take stock at what has been done.

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Before we go on with the achievements, it is important to see what the experts from the world have been saying about Modi and his government.  Here is a sample.

How the Global Experts Evaluate Modi

The legendary Marketing professor and expert – Philip Kotler talking about Modi in November, 2014 while speaking to corporate leaders, marketing professionals and faculty and students of MBA schools said that he was high on Modi and PM Modi felt like breath of fresh air.


In March 2015, Christine Lagarde discussed how after the Modi government came the inflation had come down to around 5% while revised gross domestic product (GDP) data was pointing to a growth at 7.4% and will help India better even China.  She had advocated further reforms for greater growth, which unfortunately have been blocked by the Congress.

In May 2015, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim found the policies and work of Indian PM Narendra Modi visionary.

What has Modi Government Accomplished?

Let us go through the list of accomplishments that Modi Government has notched up in the 2 years that it has been in power.  It is important to understand the speed, the efficiency and the earnestness with which these schemes have been envisaged and then executed.  I also challenge you to go to the official sites and check out the latest – often real time – Dashboards of the progress, with relevant KPIs and metrics for each project and program.  I have worked most of my life in Business Intelligence and Analytics implementing large programs to get the metrics created in Dashboards.  To do this kind of work even in the best of US multinationals within that short a time – sometimes because of data and sometimes because systems capturing data “don’t talk” – will be considered quite an achievement for even the best consulting team in US!!

That this has been done in Indian Government departments with the resources that we pejoratively call “Babus” – is nothing short of absolute miracle!  To understand and assess any work, we need to look into its context and background and then you will realize what has been done in real terms!

1 Minimum Government – Maximum Governance

The main aim of the government is not to be there and run up the bills on the money of the tax payers – but to govern!  And the best governance is when there is minimal government but efficient in its work.  And that is a major metric by which any government should be evaluated.  How many Ministers are used and what output they give for their effort?

Let us look at this metric.  Modi government has 65 Ministers compared to Dr. Manmohan Singh’s 2nd Ministry with 80.  That’s 20% less.  The work obviously has been more – which we shall see later.  But here is a visual of the Minimum government and Maximum governance.

This has the obvious cost savings.

The difference of 25 ministers would immediately relieve at least 375 government officials, employed as personal staff of these ministers.

The estimated amount of money saved by each minister would be around rs one crore every year and thus 25 ministers would save Rs 25 crore every year compounding to Rs125 crore in five years. The breakdown of the annual Rs one crore saving would be more than Rs 65 lakh withdrawn as salary of 15 employees, Rs six lakh allowances minister gets from the government under different clauses. And around Rs 25 lakhs he would get as part of the salaries and other benefits. Rest of the amount for his miscellaneous expenses.

Now this is the direct benefit.  There are other benefits of having a “lean, mean and flexible” bunch of ministers who make decisions!  The real metric / KPI is how much work or output can a group of ministers accomplish?  And that is where PM Modi’s cabinet scores very high!

2 Dissolving Committees and Planning Commission

Charles Kettering once accurately observed – “If you want to kill any idea in the world, get a committee working on it.”

In UPAs time there were 9 empowered groups of ministers (EGoMs) and 21 groups of ministers (GoMs) in operation to take decisions on various matters before being presented to the Cabinet.  Do you see the redundancy?  Do you see the culture of shirking the work and inadequacy of the m