Sunday, March 24, 2019

Kanhaiya Kumar’s Azaadi and Leftist Freedom Vs History of Leftist Repression and Genocides

When Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU Students Union President came out of jail on a bail, he made a speech which he started with “Lal Salaam” and the call for freedom.  Many are taken in by such romantic high-sounding sloganeering.  It would behove every educated and intelligent Indian to take a look at freedoms and rights in a “Lal Salaam” oriented Communist world.  Let us take a stroll across the world through history. [Follow my blog with Bloglovin] Kanhaiya Kumar's Azaadi and Leftist Freedom Vs History of Leftist Repression and Genocides #KanhaiyaKumar Click To Tweet

Several European academics and scholars came together to write a collection of articles on the deeds of Communism.  It was called “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression”.  It documents in detail a history of crimes by Communist regimes the world over that resulted in multitudes of deaths and hunger.  The book details out the genocides, extrajudicial executions, deportations, and artificial famines that were perpetrated by the Communist regimes in the world.

Stephane Courtois, the editor of the books sums up the contribution of the Communist in a telling way – “…Communist regimes… turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government.”

Crime in the hands of communists isn’t just mere crime, it becomes a system of governance.  For example, in West Bengal political murders was used as a tool.  It is estimated that between 1977 and 1996, over 55,000 murders were committed in the state at an annual average of 1787!

Genocides and merciless killings are in the DNA of all Communist powers and governments.


In Sainbari – March 1970 for example, CPI-M goons killed two brothers – Congress leaders – in Burdwan and then made their mother eat rice drenched in her sons’ blood.  The mother lost her mental balance completely for the rest of her life!  That is the level of bestiality that rivals that of the regressive beasts of ISIS!  In January 1979, when the Hindu refugees – predominantly Dalits – crossed over from Bangladesh into West Bengal – again CPI-M goons became their nemesis.  In the dangerous Sunderbans area, the Communist cadres used blockade, firing, and arson to kill kids, women and men.  Of the over 60,000 hardly anyone survived.  Kids as young as 8-12 years were killed in firing.  Many who tried to flee jumped into the sea only to be eaten up by crocodiles!  Contrast this with the treatment and welcome to the Muslim illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

In April 1982, Anand Margis who were headed to Southern Kolkata to their Tiljala center were hounded by CPI-M cadres and burnt alive!  At least 17 Anand Margis were burnt alive as the cars / taxis they were in were burnt by dousing petrol.  Reason?  The fear that Anand Margis may emerge as powerful force in West Bengal.

The Anand Margi massacres
The Anand Margi massacres

As late as March 2007, in an attempt to acquire 10,000 acres of agricultural land in Purba Medinipur district from farmers to give to a multinational company, Communists started the attack with Harmad Bahini and then police firing which led to piles of bodies laying waste in the villages!  All because these farmers arose against the Communist regime to save their lands.

In 1945, before Mao assumed power, he said the following amazingly reassuring words ringing in the vision of freedom of speech and expression.

“Two principles must be observed: (1) say all you know and say it without reserve; (2) Don