Friday, March 22, 2019

How the Congress Party Leadership Joined Forces with LeT and ISI to Betray India

It has been all known by those who looked deeper than the UPA Government spin, that the Sonia Gandhi led Government had betrayed the Indian national interest at various occassions. But what is coming out now is clearly showing how in an attempt to bring down Narendra Modi, the entire establishment was even willing to play along with Pakistan’s Jihadi Terror groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba while undermining Indian security. There was a certain narrative that the establishment had to peddle and to reinforce that narrative they concocted documents and lies.

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Sanitizing the Terrorists: The terror attacks by Pakistan’s Jihadi groups and their hired terrorists in India have put India’s security in peril many a times. Whether it was the whole Khalistan terrorism or Kashmir terror or the attack on Delhi’s Parliament, the various blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi and other cities, and finally the big ones in Mumbai (26/11) and Pathankot. It would be irresponsible for any of the politicians to subvert the intelligence investigation and use it to score political points. But that had been the norm with the erstwhile UPA regime!

The Real Face of the Culprits

In the whole process where India’s national security was repeatedly undermined and ideological strawman issues created – three people were in the forefront: Sonia Gandhi, P. Chidambaram, and Sushil Kumar Shinde.

iTo understand P. Chidambaram’s background – one needs to remember what else he did as a minister.  One, remember the case of the Tapuriah and Hassan Ali – the hawala smugglers?  While Enforecment Directorate department reporting to the then Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram was investigating Tapuriah and Hassan Ali, Tapuriah was being defended in Calcutta High Court by Nalini Chidambaram!  Read all about that here – Chidambaram, Tapuriah, Hassan Ali, and Taufiq Gaffar: A Surreal Picture!  It is basically a treason of India.

iiAnd then the very appointment of CVC PJ Thomas who oversaw the 2G scam as the Telecom Secretary – by Chidambaram and PM Manmohan Singh.

Dr. Singh and Chidambaram first tried to bring in the Telecom Secretary who oversaw the 2G scam as the Central Vigilance Commissioner, which was as RED a Herring as any. This effort, frustrated by the lone warrior in the name of Sushma Swaraj who openly dissented. Then Supreme Court – the highest court of law in the country went ahead and started investigating the issues. To which Dr. Singh asked the judges to mind their own business and not meddle with Executive operations. Well, they didn’t anyway and indicted the Government by saying that the hiring of PJ Thomas as the CVC was ILLEGAL!

These two episodes are important to understand the whole conspiracy of 2G scam led by Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram as well as latter’s complete lack of integrity and willingness to barter the Indian national security!


1 2G Scam: Handing Telecom Networks to Dawood Ibrahim and Chinese

The main issue in the 2G scam was that UPA ministers and bureaucrats deliberately sold the frequency allocation licenses for 2G spectrum to mobile telephone companies for below the proper value.  The loss of revenues as calculated by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India was INR1.76 trillion (US$26 billion) – which comprised of the difference between the amount mandated to be collected and the money actually collected.  The mandated amount calculation was based off of 2010 3G and BWA spectrum-auction prices.  The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a chargesheet on April 2, 2011 where the loss was shown to be INR 309845.5 million (US$4.6 billion).  As per the Supreme Court of India ruling, the main accused A. Raja who was the Minister of Communications and IT (2007-2009), – “wanted to favour some companies at the cost of the public exchequer” and “virtually gifted away important national asset[s].”

The real story became the loss of revenue to the exchequer.  But what we are interested in, in terms of conspiracy against the Indian national security interest is the paving the way for sale of those licenses by the companies which got them from the Government to the foreign corporations with shady backgrounds.

UAE based Etisalat bought shares worth $900 million in Swan Telecom, which had won the license in September 2008.  Meanwhile Unitech, another original winner of license sold 60% share of its telecom operations to Telenor, a Norwegian company with Chinese backing.  So, while Swan got the license for INR 15.37 billion ($230 mn) sold 45% share to Etisalat for INR 42 billion ($620 mn) to create ETISALAT-DB; Unitech Wireless got the license for INR 16.61 billion ($250 mn) and sold 60% stake to Telenor for INR 62 billion ($920 mn) to create UNINOR.

Later in February 2012, Supreme Court ruled on petition by Subramanian Swamy due to which 122 licenses were cancelled – including those of Uninor and Etisalat-DB.

Etisalat’s Dawood Ibrahim link: It is important to know Indian intelligence agencies knew the links of Etisalat-DB with Dawood Ibrahim.  The company was run by Shahid Balwa.  In March of 2011, after the threat from the sale to Etisalat came out – there was a major threat of attack on CBI HQs by Dawood’s men to destroy the documents on the 2G spectrum scam case.  Ostensibly to thwart the canceling of the licenses!

Dr Swamy divulged that that