Sunday, March 24, 2019

Yoga, Sadhguru and Hindu Activism in Rajiv Malhotras Narrative

On International Yoga Day, in celebrations at the UN, Sadhguru led the celebrations and answered a lot of questions of the dignitaries there.  Amongst the things he said some were:

  • Yoga is technology.  Just as gravity is not Christian, Yoga is not Hindu.
  • Yoga is India’s gift to the world, it is no longer only of India.

Ever since that event, I have seen multitudes of “Hindu Activists” who have been fans of Rajv Malhotra’s books and discussions start the abuse and denigration of Sadhguru and what he said.  I want to address all the issues that have come up and the obvious irony of the situation.

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Digestion of Yoga by West

First things first – I completely agree with Rajiv Malhotra on every thing he brings up.  The forces which are breaking India, the perfidy of the various evangelical forces to undermine India and Dharma – specifically Hinduism – the attack on Sanskrit and the difficult situation that Hinduism as a means of life and culture is facing.  The many Churches are pumping in billions into India and trying to convert.  The many hypocritical “intellectuals” are using various means to undermine, digest and destroy the very concepts that Hinduism gives to the world.  The greatest and the most subtlest attack is from what Rajiv calls as “U-turners”.  Westeners who come to Indian Gurus for tutelage and then go back and absorb the fundamentals of Dharmic Spirituality and Yoga whilst taking out the Hindu cultural backdrop to denude it of all things Hindu.  This digestion has happened via psychology, metaphysics and even physics for that matter.  All the while, the U-turner takes the credit for work that was actually done by the Yogis and the many seers of India.  In that attempt, their aim is to take away all that is seems to be of value from Hinduism, absorb it into neo-Christian framework and posit Hinduism as nothing but a useless framework consisting of caste, cows, snakes and superstition.

The funding for these activities comes from the Governments themselves as is seen in the Joshua Project, and the devastating impact has been documented (Preparing for Harvest) – albeit hesistatingly – by media sometimes.


These days, Rajiv Malhotra has been warning everyone on how Kumbh Mela is being targeted by the Western intellectuals and Universities in connivance with the Church.  There are attempts by the evangelists (and even Islamists) to pitch tents and carry out conversion during Kumbh on the one hand, and paint it in negativity on the other.  He is on the dot on that.  I have personally talked to senior police officers (even those who were in charge of one of the Kumbh Mela) and they say openly that they were aware of US “spies” who were at the Kumbh!  Please check out Rajiv’s talks on this topic here – Attack on Kumbh Mela 1, Attack on Kumbh Mela 2, Attack on Kumbh Mela 3.  Here is the playlist that you may like to listen to on how the Kumbh is being attacked.

Rajiv Malhotra’s work, therefore, is seminal and critical to Dharmic future itself.  Something, that Sadhguru has himself taken note of.

Whilst Rajiv’s work is tremendous, and has encouraged and woken up many Hindus to see through the many machinations of forces that are inimical to India and Dharma, it has also led to a contradictions of sorts.  We now have a situation of many outraged “Hindu Activists” who have passion, energy and motivation to “save Dharma” and their greatest tool is the reading of Rajiv’s books as well as their interpretations of various things Hindu.  I maintain that it is creating a self-destructive situation where the passionate activism is itself going to destroy the very thing it is trying to save.

Let us take for example, Yoga and the abuse that has been heaped by some of the very passionate activists.

Hindu Activist abuse of Sadhguru on Yoga
Hindu Activist abuse of Sadhguru on Yoga

Passion with Ignorance = Self-destruction

My most fundamental issue with the activists like the one who is quoted above is that they have a lot of passion but little accomplishment in terms of the subject that they discuss.  Hindus have grown with a familiarity of lot of things – chants, mantras, even rudimentary Sadhana or meditation and some basic Yoga.  But that has not meant that most of the Hindus are accomplished to speak or even lecture on Yoga.  In fact with lack of knowledge in its complete sense those who start to expound on topics related to Dharma or Yoga, are playing into the hands of those who are on a mission to distort Yoga, and things that are considered Hindu.

I came across a comment, for example, of a person who runs a “Yoga school” in US and she commented on how Sadhguru is diluting Yoga.  Without the basic understanding of Yoga in its pure form – where it is a means to mastery of Panch Bhuta, she teaches yogic postures to people and possibly considers herself the authority on Yoga and Hinduism.