Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mind-Blowing Pictures of World War II Relics in Ocean and Jungles

The Guadacanal is an island in Solomon Islands, a small nation.  During World War II, a major battle was fought here called the Guadalcanal Campaign,  or theBattle of Guadalcanal.  It was code-named Operation Watchtower.  Solomon Islands is a country over 28,400 square kms with 6 major and 900 smaller islands in Oceania east of Papua New Guinea and Northwest of Vanuatu.  Solomon Islands’ main island is Guadalcanal and the capital is Honiara on that island.

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Solomon Islands is an archipelago with Melanesian islands and North Solomon Islands.

In August 1942, the Allied forces led by the US landed on Guadalcanal, Tulagi and Florida islands to take over those places and set up base to counter the Japanese.  The Allied forces were larger in number and they overpowered the Japanese by taking over Tulagi and Florida rather quickly.  They also took over the Henderson Field in Guadalcanal.

The Japanese launched a major offensive against the Allied forces to take the Henderson field back.  The offensive led to the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942.  The Japanese had lost the battle by December and finally evacuated by February 1943.


This became the turning point in the war against Japan as the Allied changed their stance from defensive to offensive and took Japan head on in its own Pacific theater with victorious battles in Milne Bay, Buna-Gona, and Guadalcanal!

Here are some breath-taking pictures that remind us of the battles that Allied forces fought against the Japanese in what turned out to be the pivotal time in World War II!  These pictures include those of submerged planes, abandoned tanks and tractors and shipwrecks in Solomon Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and Rock Islands in Palau.  (Source)

Picture Gallery of World War II relics in Solomon islands