Sunday, March 24, 2019

Trump’s 7 Countries Ban and Clash of Civilizations

Donald Trump banned the entry of citizens of 7 countries into the US by signing an executive order.  They have been barred from entering the US for at least the next 90 days.  The administration officials also said that they are looking to add more countries to the list.  The 7 countries as of now are: Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan.

I consider Donald Trump to be like Mohammad Bin Tughlaq – known as the Wise-Fool in Indian history.  He had good ideas but made a complete ass of himself when he implemented them.

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There are many questions and complexities to the whole issue.

Is this an Islamic ban? Is it in-human? Is it Un-American and un-Constitutional?  Is it the start of tyranny?  et al.


A Reality Check first please

Before we start however, let us get our basic and foundational information correct.  As far as the ban on entry of citizens based on religion is concerned, there is no equal to Islamic countries.  So, first of all, the citizens of these countries should stop crying foul about the whole issue of “religious bigotry” when their own nation has made that into a corner stone of their whole national ethos.  Here is the list.

  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei
  • Iran
  • Iraq (except Iraqi Kurdistan)
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon (neighboring country; territory dispute – Shebaa farms)
  • Libya
  • Malaysia (Clearance permit needed from the Ministry of Home Affairs.)
  • Oman
  • Pakistan (Clearance permit needed from the Ministry of Internal Security.)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Syria (neighboring country; territory dispute – Golan Heights)
  • United Arab Emirates (accepted for transit only; not allowed for admission)
  • Yemen

Not just this, in Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – you are barred from entry even if there is any evidence of you having either traveled to Israel or have had either used or unused Israeli Visa.  So, at least people from these countries with decidedly the most bigoted religious and immigration laws should stop shouting against the entry ban to the citizens of 7 Islamic states.

Refugees ARE a problem lets face it

The naked extremism and shameful pusillanimity of “Moderate Muslims” (or was it complicity) around the world has now started the backlash in the West.  It was waiting to happen and in a way begotten by the Muslims by always focusing on the primacy of a religious ideology which should have been kept in the bins of history for long now.  We are now entering into the self-prophesied era of Clash of Civilizations.  Sad but true.  And there are no Saints in this battle! 
Assaults, rapes and violence has been the hallmark of so many Islamic refugees in Europe and the accompanying political correctness in the media is nauseating for how it not just conceals all that but even allows it to happen.  If the Europeans think that their civilization (which is somewhat of an oxymoron if you look at the European history – ancient and modern – honestly!) is under attack by refugee Muslims, then it is not an exaggeration.  Because it is!

Muslim migrants gang-raped a Swedish woman and streamed it live on Facebook but the European media were not willing to reveal the identity of the criminals.  The epidemic in Germany is even more stark and sad.  There is a rape and violence epidemic in that nation, thanks to the Muslim migrants.

    • Germany’s migrant rape crisis has now spread to cities and towns in all 16 of Germany’s federal states. Germany now finds itself in a vicious circle: most of the perpetrators are never found, and the few who are found frequently receive lenient sentences. Only one in 10 rapes in Germany is reported and just 8% of rape trials result in convictions, according to Minister of Justice Heiko Maas.
    • Up to 90% of the sex crimes committed in Germany in 2014 do not appear in the official statistics, according to André Schulz, the head of the Association of Criminal Police.
    • “There are strict instructions from the top not to report offenses committed by refugees. It is extraordinary that certain offenders are deliberately NOT being reported about and the information is being classified as confidential.” — High