Saturday, March 23, 2019

You Cannot Oppose Trump’s Supremacism by Promoting Islamic Supremacism!

Christian and Islamist supremacist ideologies are two sides of the same coin.  One wants us to swear by Jesus and the other by Mohammad and the ways of his Allah.  If you spite or reject any, you will officially burn in hell and in reality be fair game for killing.

Trump is riding the bandwagon of White Christian supremacy.  You cannot resent his ways by endorsing the Islamist supremacist ideology.  And, vice versa – you cannot be a critic of Islamist supremacist ideology and be a Trump supporter.

This is why you will find us bringing out the depravity of Trump’s ways and the genocidal ideologies of Islam.  Many have privately (and on social media) tried to question me on this without realizing their obvious lack of moral consistency.

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Women March Taken Over by Islamist and Ideological Jehadis

The folly of being pro-Islamist to counter Trump was most on show during the Woman Marches.  They were in so overtly hijacked by Islamists and regressive Islamic customs – like wearing Hijab, which clearly is a burden on women to compensate for men’s inability to handle their libido and sexual perversions!


(Pictures courtesy: DailyMail)


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