Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pope Borgia and Sex Obsessed Vatican World

The world of Pope and the Vatican is intriguing as also controversial.  The power and the regressive nature of the Catholic Church was known to me from various examples that one can see everyday, but even I was shocked at the level of decadence that prevails in the Catholic Church and the way it was shaped over the last many centuries.  We happened to watch the series on Netflix – The Borgias.

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Borgia Pope: Strategems, Politics and Sex Orgies

Borgia Pope with Mistress
Pope Alexander with his mistress Giulia

It is the story of Pope Alexander VI, whose real name was Rodrigo Borgia, played by Oscar winning Actor – Jeremy Irons.  He is a ruthless character who will stop at nothing – murder, mayhem, wars, putting enemies in plague ridden areas to kill them, indulging in orgies, threesomes, and keeping mistresses!  He was a sexaholic.

Pope Alexander VI has at least two mistresses – Vannozza dei Cattanei (an Italian noblewoman) – when he was a Cardinal of Albano – and Giulia Farnese (a Roman beauty).  He had four kids with Vannozza – Giovanni, Cesare, Lucrezia and Gioffre.

The one scene that very interesting and hilarious at the same time is when Alexander is with his mistress, the young Giulia and he starts to discuss the geopolitics using her bare legs – using every part of her leg as one of the kingdoms around the Vatican and explaining why they are important as he moves up from the ankle to the calf to thigh and beyond.  Giulia was popularly known as Pope’s Whore or as the Bride of Christ.


Even though Borgia or Pope Alexander VI, is defined as the most decadent Pope, but that is not because others were very pious – for, they were as banal and sex and power addicted as he was – but because he was a Spanish Pope in an Italian world!

And, this was obvious during the Banquet of Chestnuts.  It was October 30th, 1501 – known in the Church history as the most scandalous.  But given how all the Cardinals – one of whom would later have been a Pope and many who had until then and beyond that day would have dictated how Jesus was to be made the sine qua non of religion in the world – it was definitive of the very ethos of the Church, at least in those times (and maybe beyond).  These cardinals participated in that night of unlimited orgy.

It started off with wine and sumptuous food in Apostolic Palace – Pope’s official residence.  After the food – the tables were cleared up and the candelabras were taken off and placed on the floor.  Around fifty prostitutes dressed as nuns came in and undressed themselves as the cardinals bid for every act of disrobing by them.  Sex games started where cardinals and priests with the most ejaculations were given prizes of silk tunics and many other fineries by none other than the Pope himself!

Banquet of Chestnuts

Pope Alexander VI’s Master of Ceremonies, Johannes Burchard who wrote the official record of Papal times called Liber Notarum described the orgies and sex games of that night in his accounts.  Of course, the Church has since worked very hard to erase that ignominy from historical records but it has defined the baseness of the Church.

Borgia Pope's Daughter - Lucrezia
Lucrezia – Pope’s daughter

Lucrezia was a powerful and smart woman who was forever in search of love and often found satiating herself with lust and sex with a lot of men.  She was also responsible for saving the Church once from certain doom when the French king marched to attack.

He made Cesare a cardinal, which the son never wanted to be and so abandoned the “honor”.  He instead wanted to lead the Papal army.  Cesare was known to have fought and led many battles.

But he was also known to have had incestuous sex with his own sister, Lucrezia, who was equally lustful of him.  Their incest was the talk of the town at that time.

Girolamo Savonarola and the Pope

The Florentine friar, Girolamo Savonarola was fanatically against the Pope.  He thought that the Church had been defiled and made dirty.  He gave many speeches in Florence and impacted the folks there with his puritan version of Christianity.  And in that version, it was a sin to enjoy.  To dance and sing or create music.  All the rich possessions – include the exquisite paintings – that belonged to the citizens of that city were gotten out and destroyed!  His version of Christianity was the closest to the version of Islam that Taliban espouses.

Really speaking, the Abrahamic minds have oscillated between the two extremes – of extreme decadence and extreme puritanism.  Either there is a fetish of 72 virgins where all of them are ready to seduce you with their white milky thighs or they want the women to cover every part of her body lest men be lured!  Either you become a Borgia Pope or Savonarola!  There is no room where humanity in its normal state can coexist with piety.  Even Jesus had a virgin birth thrust upon him!

The Pope used the heresy rules and the consequent Church punishment forced upon the friar using the Papal army to burn him on the stake and thus eliminated that threat to his throne.

Roman Empire transformed into Roman Catholic Church

Jesus was a great camouflaging mascot for the decadence and the supremacist ideas of the Romans.  For all the crimes of murder, genocide and killing that were perpetuated by the Church, what could be a better shield than someone who was defined as such a gentle soul?

Romans, who killed Jesus (and the Gnostics as well as many enlightened women designated as witches), then used him to kill everyone else.

In the world of many Gods and practices, the fanaticism of one “god” and one “teaching” tweaked in the Nicene creed became the most potent and obvious weapon.  The power of one god, one belief and one authority was the greatest weapon that the Romans left.

Those of the Church themselves rarely had much interest in Jesus or his being.  They were ready to milk him to fill their coffers and armies.  Jesus was always a tool.  In this series as well, during the celebrations for the year 1500, the Borgia Pope wants to get a Christ relic and Jews, who wanted to trade in Rome