Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sexual Abuse and Addiction: Mental or Social Battle is Not Enough!

Sexual Abuse is everywhere in the news.  Women of all professions in all countries are coming out with their encounters of sexual abuse by men – powerful and rich.  In so many cases, women experienced those assaults in normal life.  Sexual Abuse: Kevin Spacey fallsAs more skeletons spilled out careers of men and their work was hit.  Roy Moore – the Republican nominee for the Alabama seat vacated by Jeff Sessions is now being asked to step down due to the revelations of his sexual assault on a 14 year old girl.  Also, Kevin Spacey is out of House of Cards, after men and boys came out with how he groped them.

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Sexual Abuse and Assault: Victims Coming Out With #MeToo Campaign

The #MeToo campaign on Twitter and Facebook allowed women to share how they have been assaulted in their lives as well, not just the stars.  It allowed many to “come out”.

Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) accompanies one throughout his/her life, if not handled properly.  It has consequences that go far beyond that time and those incidents.  Filmmaker Tony Montana shared his groping experience by Kevin Spacey, where Spacey says something to Montana that is very striking.

“I smiled, he leaned in,” Montana said. “His right arm was around my shoulder, and he put his hand under the bar, and that’s when he grabbed me, and he grabbed me very hard.  “I had never been groped before,” he continued. “And he looked at me and he said, in a very sobering voice and this sardonic look in his face, said, ‘This designates ownership.’” (emphasis added)

What Spacey said in his moment of sexual perversion is what becomes the bane of the victim – specially in childhood.  It adds to the feeling of helplessness and assault.


Sexual Abuse and Sexual Addiction

Addicted – Impact of Sexual Abuse: In a rather strking movie named “Addicted” – based on the novel by Zane, a successful business woman, Zoe Reynard  played by Sharon Leal goes through a very troubling life.  She has a loving husband, two beautiful kids and is a very successful business woman.  Interestingly, in her idyllic existence, she has an addiction.  She is nymphomaniac.  Constantly seeking sexual gratification on a daily basis.  That puts her in very difficult and often life threatening situations.  Due to that she leads a double life.  It is later found out that this whole thing was triggered by how she was raped as a kid.  Her rape, as harrowing as it was, lead her into a direction where she seeked sexual pleasure constantly as an addiction.

The General’s Daughter – Sexual Abuse to Death: In another movie “The General’s Daughter”, a body was found on Georgia military base of Army Capt. Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of Army general Campbell.  two investigators – Warrant Officers Paul Brenner played by John Travolta and Sara Sunhill played by Madeleine Stowe try to resolve the case.  During the investigations it is found that Army Captain Campbell was seducing every one on the base.  In fact, it was not as if she was having flirtatious relationships but she was engaged in the most extreme BDSM sexual fantasies which she was taping while in the act.  Those tapes are found by the investigators and they also come to know how she was involved in those sessions with almost everyone on the base, irrespective of the rank or age.  She was basically an extreme case of nymphomania.  When the investigators dig into the past, they find that she was raped in the most gruesome manner by her Army colleagues during an exercise and left to die.  For the rest of her life, she was trying to recreate that experience in an attempt to cope up with the terrible past.

Dr. Drew discusses how sexual abuse leads to sexual / love addiction.