Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Annual Predictions for India, Pakistan and the US for 2018

Annual Predictions are a ritual at Dristikone.  We look at what we discussed last year and then look at how the next year will pan out to be given the socio-economic situations, trends and events.  We will do so again this year.  In last year’s prediction, we had suggested that – If 2016 was the year of bad news and hope from anarchists, then 2017 will be coming of age of the anarchists.  And, indeed breaking down of the order – the traditions, the values, the norms and the ways – was normalized.  Lies were brandished as “Facts” via mindless repetition and facts were ridiculed as lies.  Unabashedly.  And Shamelessly.  Thus we went beyond the breaking down of order.   The world entered a new era – of Breaking Down of Sanity itself!

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In May this year, Angela Merkel assertedEuropeans must really take our fate into our own hands – in a speech at a political event.  And, in early December, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced The traditional view of the United States as having a protecting role was beginning to “crumble”.   The Western hegemony is being dismantled right in front of our eyes in the name of “Making America Great – Again”.

The new world order which decided the norms, the human rights, the security powers, the main decision making players, the trade routes, the commerce laws and indeed what was correct and what was not was not done in isolation.  It was a handing of baton by Colonial powers of the past to those of the new world.  Colonialism by remote and laws was the new way.  Using finances and punitive powers, the UN and the West has for the last 70 years decided the world order.  No more.

Why?  Because the leader, the United States, is abdicating the authority and its allies, the Europeans are weak, dependent and withering.  Merkel was right on what needs to be done.  But it sounded more like an urgent call by one sheep to the others to don the role of a tiger.  Fact is that they are weak beyond repair.


Over the years, the Western world, specially the Europeans, who fought the White Christian Supremacism, allowed Islamic Supremacism to take a free ride on the back of Liberalism.  Liberal ideologues became Islamic apologists.  They compromised the global fight against Supremacism by fighting against one and putting another on a pedestal.  Riding the Liberal wagon, Islamic Supremacism has now happily entrenched itself into the womb of Western world.  Those who want the old order of Western Universalism back – are strangely in the corner of Islamic supremacists who are dismembering the very fabric that ensured the Western ways.  The fight against Islamic Supremacism is, therefore left to White Supremacists to handle.

Western Universalism was suffocatingly and patronizingly claustrophobic.  Yet, it ensured a sense of peace on its own terms.  It dictated norms and laws and rules.  Yet, it ensured world obeyed those as well.  Whether out of guilt or penance, the West did allow others to partake into the leadership of the World order, most reluctantly though.  Yet it happened.  But the new world will not be so clear-cut and orderly.

The powers which are working actively to dismember the Western order are also against the Islamic order.  These new players – Russia and China – indeed have the right idea when it comes to fighting the two civilizational supremacist ideologies.  But, the problem is that they want to replace both by their Supremacism!  What was perfected by them during their Communist era is being retrofitted for the new world – sans Communism – to disrupt societies and the West.

These Oligarchies (Communists are oligarchs as well) – China and Russia – have no pretentions to keep.  No votes to influence.  And no democracies to manage.  This puts them in an invincible position already.  If this was a 100 meters race, then Oligarchies like China and Russia will have no competition from any democracy for the first 50 meters.  By then, the race would have long been lost.

That is why, I am convinced, that by the end of 2018, there will be credible voices asking the obvious (yet heretical) question – Is Democracy Relevant Today?

The answer – given the opposition – is as obvious as the question is.  Fight between Oligarchies and Democracies is like a fight between an Army with canons and guns and that with swords and spears.  The former will always win.  For, they can game and play your system to choose your leadership and disrupt your nations, you cannot make a dent into theirs!

And, with this will change the very character and scope of media.  Western media still has some integrity despite infiltration by the various ideologues.  And, this goes both ways.  Specially when it comes to promoting and underwriting the stereotypes in other countries.  So, if New York Times is factual for the US, it is stupid when it comes to situation in India.  For, in the latter case, it is a front for the machinations of the American right.

Given this background, let us into our Annual Predictions.

Annual Prediction for India – Year of Dirty Politics and Divisions

Those who are faking the news and falsifying the truths in American politics – the Christian Right, and those who are fighting the fake news in American politics – the Liberals who are in bed with Islamism – come together in India to fight the Nationalist forces and indeed the current Indian Government.  In 2012, this was reflected when four US Congressmen – Keith Ellison, Joe Pitts, Trent Franks and Frank Wolf – (Islamists and Evangelists) came together to work on denying the then Gujarat Chief Minister the US visa.  This was done using the draconian – International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) – which uses the Evangelists to spearhead evaluation of religious tolerance and human rights in other countries.  And, it is these forces – the ultra-left/Islamist and the ultra-right who have regularly worked with the so-called Indian liberals who prop Islamists as the paragons of Secularism.  In India, the White Christian Supremacists and Islamic Supremacists become strange bed-fellows!

An ideological soul mate to Franks, Pitts is another evangelical conservative who has made opposing not just Modi, but the Bharatiya Janata Party, specifically, a target of several Congressional hearings.

From inviting activist Teesta Setalvad — whom the same Supreme Court SIT reportedly condemned for perjury by fabricating affidavits implicating Modi — to Capitol Hill hearings and repeatedly co-sponsoring bills on behalf of Christian Dalit leaders, P