Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Drishtikone’s Annual Predictions for 2019

Every year, we make predictions for the next year on Drishtikone.  These predictions relate to world at large but specifically to three countries – India, US and Pakistan.  The idea is to look at the socio-economic and political trajectory of these societies and see where it will lead them to.

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Until now from 2007 onwards, we have done this post for 8 years and many of the predictions have been seen to come true.  This is not because we are clairvoyants or some great astrologers, because we are none and use none of those ways.  We simply look at the social, economic and political situations in these countries and the world to see where they will be headed.

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Let us look at how we fared.


You must have noticed that our predictions are not in terms of predicting the events as they will happen, but the general direction of how things in a society will move.  This is because we are not in the business of astrological predictions or fore-telling destinies in terms of actual events and dates.  That is the work of clairvoyants and astrologers.  Our work is to understand what emotions, challenges, strengths and weaknesses are present in a society and how deep are they.  Based on them, those societies will tend to take a certain direction.

With that, let’s begin.

India – Historical elections and the Coming future

If you have ever cared to read India’s history from the ancient past to now, you would notice so many times when the leaders and rulers, and indeed people, could have taken a more holistic and clear decisions that they did not.  And, with that, India lost much of its strength, vitality, and indeed wealth.  So much so that a society which contributed to over 30% of world’s GDP was down to only 3% until just 5 years back.  That is quite a steep fall isn’t it?  That was not simply an accident.  One is always left with the What if questions – What if things had been done differently?

History’s Ponderables

What if we went after the source of our devastation at the first signs of evil? While the Indian kings were fighting in the latter part of the first millennia, Islamic invaders were taking root in Arabia and Persia.  Zoroastrians had come over after being prosecuted.  Indian shores were attacked but the attacks repulsed by some powerful kings.  Why did they just sit pretty?  If they knew such devastating powers were taking shape somewhere in the world with the urge, cunning and resilience to travel all the way to our shores to kill and plunder – did it not make sense to go to their lands and finish them before they could dismantle the way of life as was there in India?  What if Chandragupta Maurya after the defeat of Alexander had traveled to Europe and devastated those powers as well?

What if the Indian Kings had bandied together against the enemy? Only two armies and rulers could actually fight the Islamic invaders and British strongly enough to keep them in check – Sikhs and Marathas.  Do you know why?  Fundamentally because those two adversaries did not fight with the rules that Indian kings would fight the battles.  Civilians were game, attack at any time was ok and hitting enemy from behind was fine.  What the Marathas and Sikhs did was to discard those archaic rules in the new world of “total war”.  They were the only ones to truly use Guerilla warfare.  They gave the enemy back in their own way.  Most civilizations are lost because of the main virtues of their societies.  Just like today’s democracies are being played with by the likes of China and Russia.  But instead of coming together and fighting the battle of intrigue to hit the enemy, Indians always sided with the enemy for their own personal gains.  What if the Jats, the Buddhists and others had fought alongside Raja Dahir against Mohammad Bin Qasim?  What if Mir Jaffar had not betrayed Siraj-ud-Daulah and Mir Qasim betrayed Mir Jaffar in turn?  What if every CWC which voted for Sardar Patel and not Nehru to become the first Indian PM had put its foot down against Gandhi’s dictatorial decision? What if Indira Gandhi had not returned the 90,000 PoWs and forced a solution?

What if the Seers and Sages had been ruthless in worldly affairs as well? From various Sages during Chandragupta Maurya’s time to Nanak to Ramana Maharishi in the early 1900s – the enlightened beings had done what Seers and Sages had done in ancient history – impact the course of history by bringing the right forces together?  Krishna’s greatest strength was that when it mattered in battle, he made sure that evil could never triumph, specially when it abandoned all rules of the game.  When you are in a civilizational battle, you cannot play a benign monk.  If you cannot see the life debilitating impact of evil forces – as Islamic invaders (millions killed, enslaved, raped after battles and sold back in Middle East) and British (killed, enslaved, murdered via famines and battles) were, then what were they upto?  Nanak walked the land of Lahore.  In 1947, those who took his name were massacred and today, no one can erect even a statue in his name in that city!  If the consciousness takes a downward spiral, what the heck will enlightenment do?  If you cannot even convey the power of enlightenment to others and have the ability to create the environment where it is secure and thrives, what use is the ability to ‘connect to the source’?  In many ways, the Seers refused to see, act and enhance life.  They let those who debilitated life altogether run the roost.

Things are fundamentally changing

It is for the first time in Indian history that we have a way to not just fight the enemy here, but we are going to the source and destroying him.  Until now, Pakistan and China were engaged in offense.  They would start wars, encircle us with negative players, hit our economy, spread propaganda and join hands with even their sworn enemies to hit India.  No more.

Fighting at the source:  When we look at Pakistan’s situation we will discuss what is happening there and why.  But, if the victories of India-oriented regimes in Maldives, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (despite a coup attempt by Rajapaksha against Sirisena and victory of the latter) are any indications – I