Saturday, March 23, 2019

Shehla Rashid Tries to Instigate a Riot in Uttarakhand with Fake News and Narrative, Gets Slammed by Police

All these so-called Secularists in India, who somehow show how the hearts beat for communal harmony et al, are the ones who instigate riots and also disturbances.  In fact, during the terror attacks, these very folks and journalists who paint themselves as Secular are the ones at the fore-front of betraying the nation and the society.

Shehla Rashid Tries to Instigate a Riot in Uttarakhand with Fake News and Narrative, Gets Slammed by Police @uttarakhandcops @shehla_rashid Click To Tweet

As the Indian society is reeling after the Pulwama attack, the tensions and emotion are high.  Everyone must do everything to ensure that riots do not happen.  As we noted in out last post, the next step and level of attack is to start off a major riot.  That is what can make things worse now.

So what do the so-called Secularists do?  Yes, instigate one.  Here is how Shehla Rashid is contributing to it.

Shehla Rashid tries to Instigate a riot


Some students shouted pro Pakistan slogans – at this time when emotions against Pakistan after the Pulwama attack are so high.  Instead of having even an iota of respect or love for the nation, they eulogize the enemy.  And when things get a little heated up, Police comes and sorts the matter.  What does Shehla Rashid say?  First, that Kashmiri girls are trapped in a hostel and a MOB is there.  When she was challenged on that “Mob” bit, and told by the police itself that no such thing had happened, and why this even started – Pakistan slogans – she moves the goal post by saying “trying to discredit the victims”?  Really?!!  In these times of Universal Deceit, Shehla Rashid, even speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.  Which is what the Uttarakhand police did!  Deal with it!

In fact, another twitter user called her fake news out clearly.  Someone who relative lives there.

Then, the Uttarakhan police also explained it to ANI clearly.  That Shehla Rashid’s tweet was nothing more than rumor mongering!

And, this is not the only tweet from her which is instigating.  She also talks of “mobs targeting Kashmiris”.  No media outlet has said this.  Yes, those who are insensitive and trying to hit at the nation and the Army are being called out as they should be.  But mobs hunting for Kashmiris?  Like the case in Uttarakhand, this is also fake news.  Like we said, Shehla Rashid and others like her, are part of the Plan B for this entire attack that was masterminded by Pakistan (possibly with knowledge and support of Congress).