Indian Prime Minister and Statesman Narendra Modi

Brief on Modi's Life

He sold tea on a railway station as a kid.  Mother worked as maid to feed her kids. He worked hard even without formal education for many years.  Became a Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat in 2001 and was hounded by domestic and global powers for riots that started due to a dastardly burning of Hindu pilgrims in a train by Muslims in Godhra.

He fought through the trial by political forces and media – both Indian and Global. Nothing could touch him as he has been exonerated by every court in India.  He became the PM of India in 2014 and despite the work, those forces still hound him.  But, he powers on.

And since then he has done a lot of good in India – with some of the boldest ever moves in Indian politics.

Complete Factual Story of Modi and 2002 Riots

Modi News and Analysis

Our writings on Indian PM Narendra Modi

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