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How IK Gujral betrayed Indian Intelligence agencies and they still saved his life anyway

IK Gujral

IK Gujral was the biggest traitor that India had as the Prime Minister. He not only exposed all the Indian intelligence operatives in Pakistan but insisted with Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) that their operations be completely shut down there.

Not satisfied with that, he went on ask the Intelligence Bureau (IB), which works within the Indian territory, to withdraw from surveillance of the Pakistani officials. This gave the Pakistanis free reign to recruit deep sleeper cells and create havoc in the country as they wished.

In some ways, what we see today in terms of how the violent mobs, almost on remote control, are being activated around the country, – was started at that time.

This video explains how RAW, despite the betrayal and mistrust of the scoundrel that IK Gujral was, worked over time to save him from the very terrorists that he was working to giving free reign to in India!


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That is the reality of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India.

Please remember stories like these when you see the political situation in India devolving into chaos. Folks like IK Gujral, Dewe Gowda came to lead the nation as the PM’s because of those chaotic situations. And, they put the country into immeasurable mess. Something that we are probably paying for even now.

The same forces which engineered that period of chaos have become active again. As long as pliable UPA was there to put the country on sale and plunder its resources, these forces were fine. Today, when they see that the leadership is no longer a puppet, there is a sense of urgency. And the same atmosphere of chaos is being created again.

So before you taken in by the sudden brouhaha, remember these are the situations which produce scoundrels like IK Gujral.

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