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Sky-rocketing Sex Toys sales in Corona lockdown globally

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The world has been stockpiling toilet paper as Corona scare hit everywhere.  Apparently, the nightmare of being stuck on the pot with your pants down and the last piece of the magic paper being out has been haunting people from US to Europe to Australia.  In Hong Kong, armed robbers stole pallets of toilet rolls!

But toilet paper is not the only thing that people are buying in hordes.  There is another set of products whose sales have sky-rocketed.  Sex Toys.

Corona Lockdowns, WHO warnings boost Sex Toys sales

New Zealand when on a month-long nation-wide lockdown from March 25th.  And since then, the sales of sex toys for the nation’s largest retailer of sex toys have tripled!  The sales took off in the 48 hours before the lockdown on the 25th.

This time of being at home with not much to do has prompted many an adventurous soul to take on new frontiers.  Some who had never gone this path earlier have cautiously wandered into it.  That is why perhaps “beginner toys” were the biggest draw.


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“We’re selling a lot of beginner toys … all our beginner ranges are very popular,” said Emily Writes, a spokesperson for the business. “It definitely looks like people are saying: ‘I’ve got time, I might try something new.’”(Source: The Guardian)

Products like Adult board games, condoms, lubricant, and menstrual cups and even sex toy cleaners (lest one catches the virus off of the most unlikeliest of the body parts since it may have been lingering in public perhaps?).

This rush for sex toys has also been witnessed in Scandanavian countries.

Danish-based Sinful, the biggest retailer of sex toys in Scandinavia, reported a 110 percent spike in sales in Denmark during the first six days of April, compared with the same period the previous year. In Norway, which also imposed strict measures, the growth reached a further 121 percent.(Source: Sputnik News)

It is interesting that sales of Adult Toy Megastore, the sex toy retailer tripled in three countries – New Zealand, Australia and Britain on the day World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Corona or COVID-19 was a pandemic!

The impact on Sex toys sales is seen globally!

Condom Shortage and the Corona baby-boom “generation”

Of course, another item that has been going off the shelf has been the condoms.  They have been disappearing from the store shelves around the world.

Malaysia’s Karex Bhd, a company that makes one in every five condoms globally, was forced to shut down production for more than a week after the government imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. During this time, not a single condom was produced in any of Karex Bhd’s three Malaysian factories, reported The Guardian, resulting in a shortfall of 100 million condoms. (Source: Health.com

Many have been speculating a resultant baby boom accompanying the lockdowns globally and some have even started coining words for what this lockdown resultant generation may be called.  Options circulating on social media have been – Coronials, Quaranteens and Baby Zoomers.

PornHub Viewing up as well

Just as the sex toys sales were impacted by the lockdowns by different countries and WHO warnings, they also were impacted by closing of bars.

Image by Gracini Studios from Pixabay

So Corona sex toys sales went up twice when Australian and British PMs announced the closure of bars.  If one cannot go out to drink or pick up or dates, it may stand to reason that one may want to enjoy some “self-love” bit at home.  And this coincides with increase in porn viewing.

PornHub, for instance, has seen a significant uptick in viewership from Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Meanwhile, the badly hit countries like Italy, France and Spain saw huge surges after the audience there were offered free subscriptions.  In US, Washington state, one of the worst hit states saw a significant rise as well.

Sex the answer to loneliness?

People are looking for enjoyment, distraction and entertainment. Some go out and seek that thrill in other partners and some seek it in their work. When both the options are closed to people, they yearn to turn their home into something exciting. But with a month of being stuck at home with no option to go out, even sex between two people may need a change in scenario. That is why sex toys, porn viewing and movies have such an attraction. That is why perhaps Adult Toy Megastore was part of “essential services” in New Zealand!

Adult Toy Megastore was deemed an essential service by New Zealand’s government and was allowed to continue operating during the shutdown because it sells condoms and medical items. All staff are working from home.


With mental health of many in the Western countries being at stake by being confined at home, it is no wonder that a sex toy store was deemed an essential service. It is what our inability to handle our loneliness has brought us to. After all, even Khajuraho shares the most imaginative sex scenes (Why Khajuraho temple has explicit sex scenes) outside before one can venture inside the temple.

Featured Image by gdmadsen from Pixabay

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