Xinjiang capital – Urumqi – goes into ‘War-time’ Mode

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There is something afoot. One of its Urumqi, the capital of China’s far western region of Xinjiang – the province where the...

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Chinese City Bans Africans from Hotels, Apartments, and Restaurants

China, Corona

In a remarkably heartless display of extreme xenophobia, Africans in China – specifically Guangzhou – have been evicted from...

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How AI-based surveillance cameras are racially targeting Uyghur Muslims

China, Islam

Chinese treatment of the Uyghurs is well known. Over 1 million Uyghurs, who are the Muslim minorities, have now been in concentration camps...

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Chinese Artificial Intelligence startups not delivering enough despite large funding

Business, China

Artificial Intelligence is one of the areas which will differentiate the winners of tomorrow from the losers.  The countries and societies...

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CPEC is illegal – says Indian Government!

China, Pakistan, Videos

IN the first clear stance in decades, the Indian government has called the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project as illegal....

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CPEC Weddings – How Chinese Men are Luring Pakistani Women with Fake Marriages for Prostitution

China, Pakistan

Sexual exploitation with a clear agenda has been used as a tool of imperialism and conquest.  We had discussed how Love Jihad or Grooming...

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Was UN Security Council Statement a Warning by China to Pakistan for its Saudi love?

India, China, Pakistan • 2 Comments

Sometimes, what happened is important.  But why it happened so is critical. The one question that everyone ought be researching and asking...

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How India Gained Access to Oman’s Duqm and Djibouti ports to Counter China and Pakistan

China, Geo-Political, India

One of the feature of the first term was his aggressive foreign tours.  Many in the opposition criticized those tours without having any...

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Why Are China and the United States Fighting for Dominance over Pakistan?

China, Pakistan, United States of America • One Comment

In the last post we had discussed how Pakistan’s economy is headed for the doom. The reasons are many and the options limited. Here...

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Why China Does What it Does


Around the 5th century, the spiritually awakened son of a Pallava king, reached China and introduced the people to the way of the Buddha. ...

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