Why did Irom Sharmila Get Only 90 Votes?

China, India, Politics

In early 2015, after the Indian security forces had done operations to arrest PREPAK militants in February and killing militants in the...

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Trump Society: The Utter Imbecility of Trump’s Rants on China and Jobs

United States of America, China

To understand the utter imbecile utterances on “bringing jobs back to America from China” by Trump, all you need to do is drive...

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Hinduism in China: Influence that goes back many millennia

China, India, Spirituality

Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA once said “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever...

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China beats US to become World’s Largest Smart Device Market


China has over-taken US as the largest Smart Device market in the world!  What that means is that the future entrants in the market will...

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Masochist Neighbor: Pakistan hands over Management of Gwadar Port to China

China, India, Pakistan

IN our neighborhood, an important event just occurred.  China has taken over the Pakistani port at Gwadar.  It is the main entry point to...

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How Kung Fu originated from Martial Arts practices of Hinduism

China, India, Spirituality • One Comment

Bodhidharma was a South Indian prince who became a Monk and went to China over 1500 years ago.  He taught ways to strengthen one’s...

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Chinese firm offering “Rent-a-Boyfriend” service to Single women during Chinese New Years

China, Relationships

Chinese New Year is coming around soon.  And, it will be time for everyone to visit their family.  Specially for the many single women....

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Even China has snubbed Pakistan on its row with India

China, Pakistan, Politics

After having done all it can to hit at India, Pakistan is trying to whip up some international support.  But interestingly, this time...

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Beijing’s Pollution “Airpocalypse”: Before and After Space Pictures

China, Environment

There is a strong advisory in Beijing for Pollution that exceeds all dangerous levels.  People have been advised not to come out of their...

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Internet Population – amidst heavy State censorship – in China surges to 564 mn; to reach 800 mn in 2015

China, Technology

China is surging ahead in the internet connectivity.  Interestingly, it is not the Wi-Fi connectivity that is fueling the people coming up...

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