Taj Mahal – a psychopath’s ‘tribute’ – does NOT Represent India!

History, India • 7 Comments

Should Taj Mahal be a representative of the Indian culture and ethos?  The anwer is a clear NO!  Let us deal with this issue the way it...

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How can the Africans and Blacks Succeed?

Africa, History, United States of America • 2 Comments

In Anthony Bourdain’s Lagos related program, there was a discussion with a local TV anchor – someone who also anchors the Presidential...

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Should Evil of History Ever be Commemorated?

India, History • 2 Comments

How do you lay bare the psychopaths who have been sanitized and presented to the very people who were killed, tortured and raped as symbols of greatness?

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Why Cow Slaughter Represents Regressive Minds and Hegemonic Ideology

India, History, Islam, Spirituality • One Comment

Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti had entered India along with the barbaric invader Muhammad Ghori, all the while motivating him to fight Prithviraj...

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Mind-Blowing Pictures of World War II Relics in Ocean and Jungles

Asia, History, United States of America

The Guadacanal is an island in Solomon Islands, a small nation.  During World War II, a major battle was fought here called the...

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Two Great Escapes That Changed India’s History Forever!

India, History

Aug 18th.  This is the day of Great Escapes in Indian history.  Two amazing and daring escapes which decidedly changed the future of...

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Is Lake Mansarovar the Playground of Alien Forms?

History, Spirituality • 2 Comments

We were on our way to a very special place – the Lake Mansarovar.  We had made the journey through very high altitude and some...

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India’s Daughter: Ok, We are Outraged, Indian Men are Devils Incarnate with Medieval Mindset… now WHAT?!!

History, India, Indian Culture, Women • 15 Comments

“A trial by press, electronic media or public agitation is the very antithesis of rule of law” stated India’s Supreme Court in...

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Surya Sidhant and its measure of history: Restoring its claim of accuracy

Hinduism, History • One Comment

By Ramesh Panchwagh, Woodstock MD The Surya Sidhant is the most ancient literature after the Vedas, in India and the World. It is written...

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What was happening in India and the Rest of the World at the time of Mahabharat and Ramayan

History, India

There has been a concerted effort since the times of British to discredit India’s history and to brush it aside.  The scriptures...

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Unequivocal Evidence of Brain Surgery being done in Harappan Civilization found


A 4300 year old skull from the Harappan times has shown signs of brain surgery.  A paper in “Current Science” says that it is...

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