Is democracy dead?

India, United States of America

In the Annual predictions for 2018, we had said that by the end of that year, credible voices will start asking if “Democracy is...

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Air bubble between India, Germany and France for plane travel

India, News

India has announced the creation of travel bubbles with the US, Germany, and France.  Airlines from these countries can bring passengers...

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COVID India cases spike to 35,000 a day, deaths above 26,000

Corona, India, News, News links

Showing no signs of a slowdown, India recorded a spike of 34,884 COVID cases in the last 24 hours, according to the Union...

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Joe Biden embraces Islamists to jeopardize ties with India

India, News, News links, United States of America

US presidential hopeful Joe Biden has wandered into a swamp where UK’s Labour Party leader and defeated prime ministerial candidate...

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Virtual Water Trade in India – A definitive guide

Environment, India

Virtual Water Trade in India is going on silently leading to devastating results in future. Exports of food products, specifically meat, should be strictly controlled.

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Anti-CAA Carnage Chargesheets – Actors and Motives


Anti-CAA violence was unprecedented in India. It was well-orchestrated and pre-planned. The chargesheets recently filed by Delhi Police...

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The Oversight Board at Facebook is Loaded with Ideologues

India, Technology

The Facebook Oversight Board is a group constituted by the Social Media giant to moderate content on Instagram and FB. It is loaded with...

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Astrological Predictions for India, US and China


Astrological Predictions are being sought by many in these days of high uncertainty. How is the world – specifically, India and US...

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COVID-19 Food crisis despite massive PMGKAY Central allocations!

India, Politics

The COVID-19 food crisis has been artificially created by the states. And the poor are being used to create their vote banks via their...

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How Bolsheviks created the Islamist-Communist partnership

India • 4 Comments

Islamists have pushed the world to redefine itself in recent years due to global terror attacks. Often the underlying trigger or sentiment...

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India now includes PoK Weather Forecasts

India, Pakistan

PoK weather is a-changing! There’s a storm brewing over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir – PoK, the Indian territory which was...

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Pakistan Vs Uttar Pradesh – UP’s GDP will be 2.5 times Pakistan’s by 2030

Economics, India, Pakistan

Pakistan vs Uttar Pradesh is an interesting comparison. If the current growth rates continue, UP’s GDP will be 2.5 times Pakistan’s by 2030!

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