35+ Stunning Sunrise Photos That Will Make You Wake up Early Morning

Inspiration, Spirituality

The time before sunrise is called the Brahma Muhurta.  It is the best time for spiritual practices.  The entire process culminates with...

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Trusting Strangers Can be Rewarding and Enriching!

Technology, Relationships • One Comment

Have you opened your heart lately to anyone? Some stranger at that? So many times, one walks through so many paths where one meets...

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The Art of Money Making Through Mutual Funds

Relationships • One Comment

Nothing gives more pleasure to a Banker than speaking about making money, on behalf of clients, for clients. Such is the joy of making...

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Life Lessons from an 80 Year Old Who Became the Hottest Guy on Catwalk

Inspiration, Motivation and Personal Development, Special Stories

Are you scared of how you will lose everything and will have to start again?  Starting from scratch is the nightmare of many in the...

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#SpreadTheVibe: Varun Pruthi’s Inspirational Videos Bring Cheer and Learning to the World

Inspiration • 9 Comments

Media and larger social narrative thrives on the negative and the gory.  Very few stories survive without a villain.  Hardly any epic can...

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Dharmic Activism and Work without Proper Spiritual Foundation is Dangerous!

Relationships • 9 Comments

  Given how things are as dice is cast against one religious group by the media, the “Secularists” and the foreign forces,...

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My Favorite All-time Top 10 Spin Bowlers in Cricket

Sports • 9 Comments

Generally in cricket the fast bowlers take all the spotlight. But the real craft of thinking bowling is practised by the spinners. Bowling...

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Kissing: Exploring The Intimate Act of Love

Emotions, Love • 27 Comments

Kissing is an intimate act that has always held great significance for lovers.  We in India had discussed kissing in our scriptures and...

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Breath-taking Natural Wonders: Natural Hot Travertine pools of Pamukkale, Turkey

Travel • 12 Comments

  This is fourth in the series.  Continuing with the Breath-taking Natural Wonders series, we now go to hot springs of Pamukkale,...

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9 Pioneering Ways Parsis have Shaped Modern India

Inspiration, Society • 41 Comments

  Parsi in the Persian language literally means – Persian.   But wait, isn’t the language Persian Farsi?  Sure it is,...

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