Women too sexually abuse men when they get power and money


When one gets power and money, what does one go for? For so many centuries and millennia, whenever the kings or warriors or the rich got...

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70% Indian Women have had Extra-marital Affairs says study

Relationships, Special Stories • One Comment

Gleeden is an app for extra-marital dating “created by women”.  It boasts of over 5.2 mn members world-wide.  The site boasts...

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Trusting Strangers Can be Rewarding and Enriching!

Technology, Relationships • One Comment

Have you opened your heart lately to anyone? Some stranger at that? So many times, one walks through so many paths where one meets...

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Smart People are Happier Alone, Rest Need Others for their Happiness

Motivation and Personal Development, Relationships, Special Stories

The psychologists explain a lot of our behavior by linking it to how our ancestors, the early homo sapiens lived and how they adapted to...

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Dharmic Activism and Work without Proper Spiritual Foundation is Dangerous!

Relationships • 9 Comments

  Given how things are as dice is cast against one religious group by the media, the “Secularists” and the foreign forces,...

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Sexual Mores, Addiction and Women: Why We Need a New Paradigm

Emotions, Relationships • 30 Comments

  A few days back, Archana and I watched a movie titled “Addicted”.  The story was of an African-American lady...

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It IS 65%!!

Emotions, Relationships • 3 Comments

By some quirk of fate, three of us friends landed in an evening college.  Although none of us were interested in that...

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Deepika’s #MyChoice: Making women caricatures of the worst male stereotype!

Relationships • 35 Comments

In a short movie that has gone viral now – Deepika Padukone, the Bollywood actress (shot along with many other women) –...

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The Science of Lust: How men buy glasses and women become helpful!

Emotions, Love, Relationships • 6 Comments

Marilyn Monroe once said that sex is the opposite of love.  That may not be a very accurate way of looking at things but it shows how...

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Do Robotic Pet Dogs Have Souls?

Relationships, Society • 2 Comments

Japanese these days are keeping Robotic pet dogs.  These pets stay with them and also become part of their lives.  These are no ordinary...

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