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Aj Aakhaan Waris Shah Noon by Amrita Pritam

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This poem was written at the time of partition and is one of the greatest poems by Amrita Pritam, probably one of the top Punjabi poet in modern times. Listen to this poem in her own voice.

As for lyrics, I have found the lyrics on the net but they aren’t complete. I am looking for the complete version. When and if I find them, I will post them here.

One of the reason I am posting this poem is as a response to the bloodshed and terrorism being wrought in Lahore for the last one month specifically. Punjab was a place – specially the part in Pakistan – which gave stories of highest love like Heer-Ranjha, Sohni-Mahiwal, Mirza-Sahibaan, and spiritual giants like Bulleh Shah, Sultan Bahu, Waaris Shah. From Bulleh Shah to Jehadis has been a long journey, which one hopes had never begun… and not knows where it will end!

Who will survive in the Punjab of future is a question mark.

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