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Pakistan Vs Uttar Pradesh – UP’s GDP will be 2.5 times Pakistan’s by 2030

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Pakistan vs Uttar Pradesh is an interesting comparison. If the current growth rates continue, UP’s GDP will be 2.5 times Pakistan’s by 2030!

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IMF supports India’s proactive response to COVID-19

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India has followed a different strategy than many other nations in terms of the response to COVID-19. It has been of quick and complete...

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Secret to Next growth in the Indian Internet Market

45 words

Voice, Video and Vernacular – are the 3 Vs of Internet growth in India.  400-500 million users and $413 billion revenue, search is...

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How the UPA Government plundered Indian treasury with MNREGA

India, Politics, Poverty

In this year’s Economic budget, the Indian Government has allocated Rs 40,100 crore for the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) program, in addition to the Rs.64000 crore sought by the Min

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